Why mining is profitable right now – 7Cloud Mining AG

Terms like “Bitcoin Mining” and “Cloud Mining” are new and not easy to convey. 7Cloud Mining AG has dealt with this topic in detail.

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Recently one hears again and again the statement “Cloud mining or mining itself is no longer profitable”. This statement causes irritations for the interested parties again and again. Recently, there was even the article “The Bitcoin is massively losing value” or “The entire ecosystem has lost many billions of US dollars within a short period of time”. 7Cloud Mining AG in Herisau has a clear statement on this: “These statements are based on false assumptions and therefore lack any basis”.

Note differences between Bitcoin secret crypto currencies and traditional financial systems

The market capitalisation of a crypto currency should generally only be regarded as a benchmark. The Bitcoin secret and all other crypto rates consist of the supply and demand regulations: https://www.geldplus.net/en/bitcoin-secret-review/ A comparison with conventional financial systems – such as the stock market – is therefore not possible. To calculate a market capitalisation on the basis of the guideline values and then to use these as the criterion for the crypto price level is therefore a misguided approach. A decisive role, almost the fundamental criterion of crypto currencies, can be attributed to mining. Without Miner there would be no Bitcoin.

7Cloud Mining AG has a clear guiding principle on the subject of mining: “Mining is a self-regulating mechanism”. What does that mean?

Mining is profitable, essential, fair and functional. Self-regulating in this sense means that in the event of a course drop, the difficulty is also regulated downwards to a certain extent. As a result, there is a higher amount of Bitcoin that can be extracted. The trick is that a much higher profit can then be achieved with a future price increase. This results from the higher number of Bitcoin that could be mined by the customer due to self-regulation. The reasons for this are explained in more detail below by 7Cloud Mining AG.

Breaking down old cryptosoft patterns

Abstractly, you could put it that way: The fall in the share price has had a positive effect on cryptosoft Miner in the long term. Unfortunately, this cryptosoft knowledge competence is not yet widespread enough. In financial matters, a bank is still given an elementary advance of trust after all. A discussion of the subject inevitably leads to a situation in which Bitcoin Mining and the cloud mining method are also given a corresponding level of trust. However, it must be pointed out with even more emphasis that mining with the right partners can prove to be lucrative.

Benefiting through mining also means strengthening the Bitcoin.
The virtual mining of crypto currencies, which are managed decentrally and have global validity, can achieve a profitable capital development by means of free trade in the net.

7Cloud Mining AG has commented on the current developments in the crypto market as follows:

“Based on the current Bitcoin development, our attitude towards digital crypto currency usage and mining profitability has been clearly strengthened. We were prepared for a drop in prices and were thus able to prepare for the consequences in good time. For example, as expected, the difficulty has decreased. This means additional revenue for cloud mining customers.”

However, it should be noted that only mining customers who have a low electricity price can benefit from this self-regulating mechanism. The reason for this is that miners who pay too high an electricity price have to take their hardware off the grid if the Bitcoin price falls in order to avoid losses. In order to keep the network of transactions running, the difficulty now drops. The miners with low electricity costs thus finally receive a higher number of Bitcoin, since the yields of the switched-off miners are distributed among the active miners. The Difficulty and the course therefore decide whether mining is profitable for a private individual or a company.